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I hold a very Sr Sales position in a financial services company in London. I’m the leading producer for the organization worldwide and have brought in over $30 million in revenue over the last 5 years.

With what I have stated above I would have never thought in a million years that I needed coaching, I thought I had it all figured out. Well I was wrong.

I had the pleasure of having multiple coaching sessions from William Welsh who changed my thought process. William has the in-depth coaching ability to see through egos, issues and the 'I know everything' mentality.

He has a very confident approach which allows you to open up on all levels of life not just professionally but also personally and then take that data and put together a plan that gives you the foundation to take your career, daily activities and personal life to a higher level.

I would strongly recommend William’s coaching to all walks of life; he can make a real impact and help you navigate the fast moving world we all live in.



Sr. Director – Sales



I was looking for help in getting a future direction in my working life.  Along with several personal issues which also needed help in clarifying.  I went to Will with an open mind and looking to get that ‘hook’ on some answers.  Will was friendly, professional and very personable.  He explained how he would facilitate the sessions.  I felt very comfortable and at ease, and was pleasantly surprised how the way forward became clearer after each session.

A very positive and uplifting experience, which has helped me immensely, for me an empowering experience. Something I can draw on in the future to help me with deciding direction and timings.

A thoroughly worthwhile and positive experience and I would not hesitate in recommending Will as a life coach 


Retired Police Officer



I was suffering from depression and a total lack of confidence due to prolonged pressure at work. I had attended a self esteem and managing your mood course run by a local charity but I still needed to focus on everyday life skills.

William helped me to put order back into my daily life through coaching and guiding me in what I wanted to achieve and focusing on what I needed to do to achieve it. For example, organizing my daily work load and prioritising to tackle the most urgent first. Also learning to say “no” rather than trying to take on too much.

In just three one hour sessions I was confident and ready for my return to work interview after two month’s absence. I was clear about my own priorities and expectations. Moreover, I had developed a positive attitude to a better home / work life balance and now find more time for my wife and children which has improved my relationships with them. Without William’s help it would have taken much longer to achieve my goals.

I would recommend William without hesitation because he understands his clients’ needs helping them to focus on clearly defined outcomes based on their own aspirations and objectives. During the session William encourages you to write things down and at the end of provides a summary of the session which I found really helpful

Thanks William.


Finance Manager



I had tried many things over the years but nothing atually worked for me.  Too be honest, anytime I've had a councilling session, it's actually made me feel worse than how I had felt walking in to the room.  The first day I had my session with William, I didn't really know what to expect. I was lost and didn't know what direction I was heading in.  My first session was for an hour and couldn't believe that by the end of it I had so much written down, things that I hadn't had ever thought about.  William made me believe in all the positive things and suggested that we are not going to talk about anything in the past, as the most important thing in life is your future and that is what we worked on. 

I could not belive that in a space of a week, I managed to tick of so many things on my list, which I thought would take me months to go through.  William made me open my eyes and see that it is ok to compliment yourself, it is ok to think highly of yourself and by using your mind you can achieve anything. 

I have been through a lot of difficulties over the years, loosing my parents, family issues, financial - The list could on, however after having a few sessions with William, I now look forward to the future and have found MYSELF again.  

I will definaly be continuing my sessions with William, as each session I have had, something positive has always come out of it and apart from myself I thank William for this. 

Name withheld out of request and respect



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