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Richard Olivier, William Welsh, Nick Williams

Richard Olivier is the founder of Olivier Mythodrama and son of Laurence Olivier and Joan Plowright. Nick Williams is co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author and broadcaster. Nick has been a massive influence on me and is a true inspiration.

This photograph was kindly taken on my birthday 2010 by Niki Hignett, co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur, who gave me inspiration and ideas for this web site.

I started my coaching training under Jonathan Jay in 2000, the founder of the Coaching Academy.

Unfortunately the following year I had to undergo a triple heart by-pass operation, which interrupted my studying.

Following my full recovery I returned to coaching and achieved a Diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I am currently studying for an Advance Diploma in Coaching, as well as writing a book on my experiences before and after the operation.

I decided to become a Personal Life Coach as I have a very strong desire to help people, especially those that are going through operations or recovery, or those that have experienced suffering in their lives.

I regularly attend seminars and workshops for my own personal growth and to improve my knowledge and understanding of other people. 

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